WWE TLC 2017 PPV Predictions! [Updated Results]

UPDATE (21/10/2017): The card for TLC has been changed. These are the changes:

  • Roman Reigns has been replaced by Kurt Angle. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.
  • Bray Wyatt has been replaced with SmackDown’s AJ Styles.

My predictions for these matches have changed and will be noted under the relevant match.

Welcome to the RAW Exclusive Pay-Per-View: Tables Ladders & Chairs!

This year will see 2 big matches as some old friends return to our screens.

First – Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose have come back together as The Shield and will take on The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Brawn Strowman and the returning Kane in a TLC match!

Second – The undefeated NXT Womens Champion, Asuka will have her first match against Emma.

Lets get into it!

Non-Title Matches

  • Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & Kurt Angle vs Braun Strowman, The Miz, Kane, Cesaro & Sheamus in a 5-on-3 handicap Tables, Ladders & Chairs.
    PREDICTION: The Shield Seth, Dean & Kurt Shield are back baby! Whoo! You know that this is going to be a good day when The Shield is back and up against Strowman, Kane and Sheamus. Fantastic rivalry here and I am looking forward to this.
    UPDATE: Roman has been pulled from the match due to a viral meningitis which has seen his spot being replaced by Kurt Angle. It will be the first time since 2006 since Kurt has competed inside a WWE ring. I am now looking forward to this match even more because of Kurt Angle.

  • **The Demon (Finn Bálor) **vs Sister Abigail (Bray Wyatt)
    PREDICTION: Finn Bálor – Why is this a fued? I thought we were done with this at No Mercy…Guess I was wrong then. Anyway, they are in their get-ups for this Halloween costume edition of RAW- …. I have just been told that this is not a Halloween editon of RAW and this is an actual story line 🙁
    UPDATE: Bray has been pulled from this match due to the same reason why Roman Reigns was pulled from his match, viral meningitis. He has been replaced by SmackDown’s AJ Styles so it is now a former Bullet Club leader vs a former Bullet Club leader.
    I would like to be a work to set up a storyline with Finn since AJ isn’t really doing much after he lost the US title to Baron Corbin at Hell in a Cell PPV. Perhaps a reunion of BC to face The Shield at WM 34???

  • Asuka vs Emma
    PREDICTION: Asuka – The Empress of Tomorrow who is undefeated in NXT is joining RAW and will literally kill Emma. Poor Emma jobbing to Asuka

  • Cedrick Alexander & Rich Swann vs Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick
    PREDICTION: Jack & Brian – CW division?… Well, I don’t watch 205 Live, but I like Brian Kendrick…so Jack and Brian to win.

  • Sasha Banks va Alicia Fox (Kickoff Match)
    PREDICTION: Sasha Banks – Where did this match spawn from? Does WWE need to use Sasha a certain amount of times in the year? Poor Alicia being jobbed. She should get a title shot some day…

Title Matches

  • Kalisto (C) vs Enzo Amore for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    PREDICTION: Kalisto to retain – Why would you put the belt back on Enzo? I suppose he is invoking the rematch clause and is not challenging him at Survivor Series for it…so I’ll allow it.

  • Alexa Bliss (C) vs Mickie James for the RAW Women’s Championship
    PREDICTION: Alexa to retain – This has been a good feud and I do like that Mickie has a chance…just not now…Maybe at the next PPV, but not now and deffo not at Survivor Series.

And that is my predictions for TLC. Couple of high profile matches and should be a lot of fun. I only wished that a couple more of those matches had a TLC stip on it, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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