WWE Summerslam 2019 PPV Predictions

WWE Summerslam 2019 PPV Predictions

The biggest party of the summer is being held tonight in Toronto, Canada and after a brutal main event on NXT TakeOver last night, the superstars of RAW and SmackDown have a lot to prove.

These are my predictions for the 32nd Summerslam!


  • Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon – If Kevin Owens loses, he quits!
    • Prediction: Kevin Owens has to win this as Shane has nothing to lose (other than being the ‘best in the world’). The stipulation doesn’t mean much, but I am excited to see the two of them fight. Kevin Owens to win.
  • Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair
    • Prediction: This had very little to no build except that this is going to be Trish’s last match. Charlotte to win.
  • Goldberg vs Dolph Ziggler
    • Prediction: Zero build. Only that Dolph has been a dogshit heel about how it ‘should have been him’. 10-minute squash match with Goldberg coming out as the victor.
  • Finn Bálor vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt
    • Prediction: This has all been “Normal Fergal” Finn Bálor vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt but I would love to see (as a swerve to everyone) that Finn comes out as “The Demon” Bálor as it would be The Fiend vs The Demon. This should have been the match from Summerslam 2017, but we only got “Demon” Bálor vs normal Bray Wyatt. Given that this is Bray’s first televised match since August last year (He would still be doing house shows up until December), Bray should have this victory.


  • Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.
    • Prediction: Given how injured Seth has been going into this match, it’s going to be a squash match and Brock is going to retain the Universal Championship.
  • Becky Lynch (C) vs Natalya in a Submission Match for the RAW Women’s Championship.
    • Prediction: This could have been a returning Sasha Banks or literally anyone else, but Natalya…ugh, I cannot get behind this match what-so-ever, Becky to retain!
  • Kofi Kingston (C) vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.
    • Prediction: As much as Kofi is over right now with the WWE Universe, I think that his time as champion is done and it is time for Orton to become a champion once again! Let’s make things a bit fresh around here.
  • Bayley (C) vs Ember Moon for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
    • Prediction: Bayley has done nothing with that title since winning it so it’s clear that she is just a transitional champion for Ember Moon to pick it up and hold it for a long time. Just like she did back in NXT. Ember to win!
  • AJ Styles (C) vs Ricochet for the United States Championship.
    • Prediction: With The OC by Styles’ side, it’ll be hard for Ricochet to find an opening to claim back the United States title. Styles to retain!
  • Drew Gulak (C) vs Oney Lorcan for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    • Prediction: Oney has been on fire lately on 205 Live and the main event from last weeks show proves that. I would like to see Oney be a champion for a long time. Oney to win.

And that is my predictions for Summerslam, I will be doing a LiveBlog tonight. You can follow below or you can follow me on Twitter too. Links are below.

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