WWE Extreme Rules PPV 2018 Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules PPV 2018 Predictions

Welcome everyone to my 3rd Extreme Rules Predictions! This year, EXTREME Rules is going have some EXTREME Matches and it’s going to be more EXTREME than ever before.

What? There is only 4 stip matches?  But the PPV is 4 hours long? A Steel cage match, a iron man match, an actual ‘Extreme Rules’ match and a Shark Cage.

My face
My face

Right, let’s do this!

Singles Match
Finn Bálor vs “Constable” Baron Corbin
PREDICTION: Seriously, where did this fued come from? I would like to think that it happened because they literally have nothing for Baron which is a damn shame. He seems to have been buried since his failed Money In the Bank cash in last year. Finn at this point in time has nothing to lose, so it wouldn’t do any harm for him to take a L to Corbin. I can’t believe I am saying this but “Constable” Baron Corbin to win!
Singles Match
Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley
PREDICTION: So while Roman is waiting for Brock to finish his UFC shit, I suppose he needs to do something in the mean time and that should should facing Bobby Lashley. Lashley hasn’t really been doing anything since he joined…he had that REALLY TERRIBLE feud with Sami Zayn but since he is injured, they need to use him. The brawl on RAW was not needed as it added a lot of unnecessary heat to both Lashley and Reigns. The Big Dog to win.
Steel Cage Match
Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens
PREDICTION: This has to be one of the better feuds leading up to this PPV, you have Kevin Owens who was trying to get friends to prevent from getting the Money in the Bank contract at last month’s PPV but then Kevin tried to become friends, but it looks like that Strowman doesn’t want to be friends with him and that is why he is putting Owens inside of a Steel Cage. Strowman to win
Tables Match (Kickoff)
The New Day vs SAnitY
PREDICTION: Talent Enhancement match for SAnitY and it is obvious that they are going to win their opening PPV match. SAnitY to win.


RAW Tag Team Championship Match
“Woken” Matt Hardy &
Bray Wyatt (C)
vs The B-Team
PREDICTION: This match was supposed to be happened at MITB but it didn’t due to time contraints but alas, here it is. The undefeated B-Team takes on Wyatt and Hardy. Wyatt is probably going to be working through an injury since his car crash a couple of weeks ago, but alas, he should be there in order to do a few things. I don’t believe that B-Team are ready for the title just yet as they are too babyface for it. Matt & Bray to retain!
SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match
The Bludgeon Brothers (C) vs Team Hell No
PREDICTION: Tell Hell No are back and I cannot be happier and without them doing anything, there are thrown into a tag team match with The Bludgeon Brothers. This was foreshadowed a few weeks ago when Bryan was in a Gauntlet match and was stared down by The Bludgeon Brothers. Tell Hell No to win and I can see them holding these titles for a long while.
30-Minute Iron Man Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (C) vs Seth Rollins
PREDICTION: This is a rematch from RAW where Ziggler accepted Rollins open challenge and won. Drew McIntrye is going to be a factor in this match and will probably allow Ziggler to retain the championship. I like seeing Rollins in long matches as he is always entertaining so this should be very entertaining to watch. All in all, I would say, Ziggler to retain.
United States Championship Match
Jeff Hardy (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura
PREDICTION: Shinsuke rep got really ‘hurt’ after the weak feud with AJ Styles since Wrestlemania that it has devolved into him being put into the US Title scene and I feel that this is a good move for him. While I could see Shinsuke winning this bout, I don’t think WWE have anything more to do with Jeff Hardy’s title reign…He hasn’t been in a feud and he hasn’t really cut a promo to make this match bigger than what it could be. Neither person is going to be hurt after this bout so I would like to see Shinsuke become the new US Champion!
Extreme Rules Match for the RAW Women’s Championship
Alexa Bliss (C) vs Nia Jax
PREDICTION: The ‘Extreme Rules’ part of Extreme Rules where this feud has been happening since the guts of Wrestlemania. This is Nia’s rematch clause that she invoked on it since Nia was facing Ronda at MITB PPV (which was still weird) but anyway, Alexa is a chicken-shit heel, that cannot really defend herself and I wouldn’t be surprised if she used cheap tactics to keep the belt. Nia to win but though a DQ.
SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
(James Ellsworth will be suspended in a Shark Cage above the ring)
 Carmella (C) vs Asuka
PREDICTION: Right, let’s forget about Ellsworth because since his return, this has been a VERY weak feud. Asuka just needs to focus on beating Carmella to a pulp and getting the title off her. Ellsworth is going to have something on him when he enters the Shark cage (like brass knuckles (see Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble 2017 PPV to see what I’m on about)) but this match will amount to nothing unless Asuka can win the SD Women’s championship. Carmella (like Alexa) is the chicken shit heel that will do anything to hang on to the title. Asuka to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
WWE Championship Match
AJ Styles (C) vs Rusev
PREDICTION: This is probably the most hyped match that I can expect from this PPV. Rusev is a fantastic contender, because if you look at the Singles competitors on SmackDown Live, other than Samoa Joe, you don’t have many more contenders who has not faced AJ Styles for the WWE Championship that could take the championship from him. Rusev is over with the crowd and that could be enough for him to be built up as a great face champion (Like seriously, I don’t think WWE has had many face champions in the last couple of years (Only Becky Lynch and Naomi come to mind), so it would be cool for the title to change hands in this PPV…Maybe switch them back at Summerslam. If AJ loses, I really doubt that his momentum would be hurt. AJ is a great champion and if anything, he should be on RAW and be in the Universal Title picture as he could become a legit bad-ass heel. Rusev to win the WWE Championship.