WWE Cancels weekly Talking Smack shows!

WWE Cancels weekly Talking Smack shows!

In what seems to be a bizarre move for WWE, they wrestling giant has announced today that due to low viewership, the Post-show for SmackDown LIVE, Talking Smack’s weekly show is to be cancelled, and will only be a post SmackDown Live PPV show.

It was revealed by some insider sources on Twitter that the highly rated show was coming to it’s demise.

Several key people expressed their dis-heartening on Twitter.

Even SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan didn’t know that the weekly show was being cancelled.

My personal opinion about the cancellation of Talking Smack:

I am honestly SHOCKED. While I didn’t watch the show week-to-week, what they were doing was fantastic!!! It was a WWE Network exclusive show that allowed the superstars have freedom in promoting themselves, create a storyline and more without much (or any) remorse.

It was something different that actually worked after the 2 hours of SmackDown LIVE and instead, they want to shove 205 Live down our throats.

The cruiserweight division killed Talking Smack!

Why have 205 Live on right after SmackDown Live and then at 11PM EST (3am Irish/UK time), have Talking Smack. Most people are going to be or already in bed. WWE was limiting the audience for TS. If anything, 205 Live should be cancelled or moved.

205 Live should be moved to a 7pm slot and shown at 11pm AFTER Talking Smack. Yes, it may not be “live”, but it’s only a couple of hours out and it would work better for all parties.

Renee Young was a fantastic host and nice rotation of guests between Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon, Rosenburg and even JBL was a breath of fresh air.

Talking Smack will be known for some infamous promos such as The Miz promo against Daniel Bryan.

I honestly hope that WWE reverses this decision and bring back Talking Smack on a weekly basis and do something else with 205 Live because if anything, that program needs a massive re-vamp.
And Austin Aries proved that when he left the WWE last week.


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