WWE and FOX reach agreement on SmackDown Live!

WWE and FOX reach agreement on SmackDown Live!

Vince is going to be a happy little bunny!

I reported on Friday last that SmackDown should be picked up by another network. Well, it looks like that the deal has been done.

It is reported by ESPN that FOX has made a big offer to WWE for it’s blue brand show, SmackDown Live.

SmackDown Live will begin to air in October 2019 once the contract with NBC Universal has concluded.

There is also unconfirmed reports that SmackDown will be going back to Friday night’s but whether it would be live or not is another question for another day.

My opinions: I am very happy with this deal and I knew that FOX was the right company for this. They have the reach and they can promote WWE SmackDown to be a bigger show than what it currently is and I am really excited to see what they can do with the product in late 2019/2020.