Wressling in a SquaredCircle

Wressling in a SquaredCircle

Since 2017, Wressling has been a pet project for myself as it was for me as I wanted to do something different (journalism) and while I tried to do this, it quickly became a daunting task.

I know that I do not have the notoriety in the Professional Wrestling industry when it comes to news and opinions…I am just one man with a blog after all. After getting to the finals of the Blog Awards last year… I knew I wanted to take this seriously. Since then, I have been thinking about how to do so.

The name ‘Wressling’ didn’t really sit right with me after the Blog Awards and while it a cool quirky name, the opportunity to purchase SquaredCircle and use it was there and I jumped on it.

So as of today (Thursday 14th February 2019), Wressling officially becomes “SquaredCircle” or “SquaredCircle.ie” or “SquaredCircle.blog”

On top of that, I will no longer be covering professional wrestling news on here. I will still share Match Cards and results, but rumors, joins, leaves etc will not be posted here any longer, which means that you will get more original content from myself. So about last night… will still be around and the Predictions is obviously still going to be around. (Speaking of which, my predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber will be up on Patreon 😉 Link below)

There will be other content NEW coming soon. I know I have been saying this for a while, but new Podcast episodes are coming… I need to sit down and do one this weekend when I get a chance. I wanted to do one last weekend, but I had an emergency to attend to, so I do apologise. I will try to have one up on Sunday before Elimination Chamber PPV.

Anyway, enough of rambling. Last bit of housekeeping is the Social Media stuff.

Facebook has been a PITA and will not allow me to change the Wressling page over to SquaredCircle…I lost my appeal, so I have set up a new page.
Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon all were changed over successfully.

So here are the new links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SquaredCircle-1043345329205859/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquaredCircleIE
Instagram: https://instagram.com/SquaredCircleIE

If you are using any RSS feeds or using some other method of viewing the site, remember to change it over from Wressling.blog to Squaredcircle.ie

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read Wressling/SquaredCircle. 🙂