Wressling.Blog - June 2017 Update

Wressling.Blog - June 2017 Update

Hi everyone and I hope that you enjoyed Money in the Bank and NXT TakeOver: Chicago II over the weekend. I certinaly did enjoy it and now we have to look onto the next WWE PPV, Extreme Rules.

I managed to take some time today (Since I was a bit sick ) to update the site a wee bit so that there is more content.

1st of all. There is a new ‘Champions’ page so you can see at a glance as to whom the current champions are in WWE, that page can be found here https://wressling.blog/champions

And 2nd of all which a lot of other sites that I browse do not do, is a log of title changes. I have documented all the title changes in WWE since January 1st 2018 and it can be found here: https://wressling.blog/title-changes

Today is marking a bright new day for Wressling as this is now the first day that I am fully dedicating myself to this Wrestling blog.

I hope that you are all ready to enjoy the content that I am going to be producing and hopefully within the next week, I will be uploading a new wrestling podcast. Let’s call it Season 1 of the Wressling.blog podcast where I will go through news and opinions from the last week in WWE and other promotions (where applicable)

Please remember that you can follow me on Twitter @PFWressling for all updates of when you posts go live and also, do give the Wressling Facebook page a like so you can be notified on there (that is if you don’t use Twitter)

I am really excited to get started with blogging and producing a podcast.