WOW #-2: NXT Debuts on USA Network

WOW #-2: NXT Debuts on USA Network

With two weeks to go before AEW Dynamite release on TNT, We are kicking off WOW (War on Wednesday) by recording the ratings data for NXT on USA. NOTE: This only tracks the 1st hour as the 2nd hour is on the WWE Network. This will change once NXT goes to USA full time on 2nd October!

As such, the results of this week’s and next week’s WOW does NOT count. It’s not fair to have NXT have a 2-week headstart on the war.

I have set up a spreadsheet on Google Docs to track the progress of this ‘War’. It’s very much in BETA, so things will change.


Please tweet at me @SquaredCircleIE if you have any suggestions on what to add!