WOW #12 - NXT Makes it 3!

WOW #12 - NXT Makes it 3!

Welcome to War on Wednesday! A look at the NXT vs AEW war that is occurring. Last week, both camps had the exact same viewership of 778,000 viewers. This week, it has been a change.


NXT had 2 title matches, one for the NXT Championship where Adam Cole retained his title against Finn Bálor. But it would be the main event of the evening that saw probably the biggest swing of the ratings, the NXT Women’s Championship match where Rhea Ripley dethroned Shayna Baszler and became the 1st ever NXT UK and NXT Women’s Champion.

  • This Week: 795,000
    • Up: +17,000
  • Last Week: 778,000

AEW Dynamite:

While AEW had a title match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship, it would be the opening match between Lucha Brothers vs Kenny Omega and Adam Page talking. There was also a fierce battle between Chris Jericho vs Jungle Boy that became a time limit draw. A nice mark against Jungle Boy and I hope that he gets a title shot in the future.

  • This Week: 683,000
    • Down: 95,000
  • Last Week: 778,000


(Score: NXT 3 – 8 AEW)

Out of the twelve weeks that this war has been occurring, I have been taking a look at the average amount of people that are watching the shows:

  • NXT: 781,500 viewers (Rounded)
  • AEW: 901,000 viewers (Rounded)

Full spreadsheet with all ratings (including RAW & SmackDown) can be found here!