Will Bayley's heel turn work a 2nd time?

Will Bayley's heel turn work a 2nd time?

On RAW last night, we saw Bayley turn heel as she attacked her tag partner, Becky Lynch much to the excitement of everyone around her.

And this is a great thing. This is something that was needed from her but let’s hope that WWE doesn’t screw it up.

After Bayley turned heel on Sasha at Elimination Chamber 2018, we thought this was going to be the start of a darker, more serious-looking Bayley but we didn’t get that. All we got them was a fart of a storyline that ended up getting them back together to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships a year later at the same event.

The question is: How do you make Bayley a ‘proper’ heel along with Sasha.

  1. Drop the SmackDown Women’s Championship in pursuit of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships from Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross.
  2. Re-package Bayley. Get rid of the cutsie Bayley-buddies, her look, her theme. Make it darker.
  3. Have an attitude. Alexa Bliss didn’t have a proper heel persona until she changed her look from the ballet style face to the evil witch heel.
‘Face’ Alexa Bliss
‘Heel’ Alexa Bliss

Sasha Banks’ new “blue” persona is going to to work for her and Bayley as she has only returned after being off for 4 months after losing the Tag Titles back at Mania 35.

My prediction for the next 6 months is that Bayley will lose the title (probably back to Charlotte) so she and Sasha can focus on bringing back the Women’s Tag Team title and give them prestige because unfortunately, they are not going anywhere being around Bliss’ and Cross’ waists.

Let’s hope for the best, shall we?