War on Wednesday

War on Wednesday

This coming Wednesday (18th September), WWE is making a change to its 3rd brand, NXT in response to AEW creating their weekly TV Show that is scheduled to begin on October 2nd and also SmackDown moving to Fox

NXT is carrying out the following:

  • The show is going to be for 2 hours.
  • The show is going to be on the USA Network*
  • The show is going to be LIVE from Full Sail University.

This would mean that for the first time outside of the TakeOver events, WWE will be broadcasting NXT Live to everyone.

* [This only applies for the first 2 weeks) For the first hour, it will be on the USA Network for and the 2nd hour will be on the WWE Network. On Week 3, the show will be Live on USA Network for 2 hours and it will be made available on the WWE Network on Thursdays.

This does not affect NXT UK.

Furthermore, with SmackDown moving to FOX, there have been talks about the state of 205 Live. Reports this week are suggesting that 205 Live will be canceled and the talent and the WWE Cruiserweight Championship will be a 2nd midcard title for the NXT brand.

With this expansion, WWE (while not declaring it directly) do want to wage a war with All Elite Wrestling when their show starts at the same timeslot of 8 pm EST on TNT.

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