War on Wednesday – Week 39

War on Wednesday – Week 39

Welcome to this weeks’ War on Wednesday.

This week, there was a Triple Threat on NXT between Adam Cole, Keith Lee & Finn Bálor. Keith won that match and will face Adam Cole in a Winner Takes All Match on July 8th

On AEW this week, FTR took on SCU.

To the results:


  • This week: 633,000
  • Last week: 772,000
  • Difference: -139,000


  • This week: 786,000
  • Last week: 746,000
  • Difference: +40,000

Total Viewership: 1,419,000 (-99,000)

NXT wins breaking AEW’s 9 week streak!

Current Score: NXT 7 – 31 AEW

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