War on Wednesday #15 - NXT vs AEW

War on Wednesday #15 - NXT vs AEW

This the 15th edition of the War on Wednesday between AEW vs NXT.

Given this is the first live show for NXT this week, they were due to get some people back in the hot seat to watch the show. AEW also had a good week and lost a small percentage of people (probably to NXT)


  • This week: (8/1): 721,000
    • Difference: UP 173,000
  • Last Week: (1/1): 548,000

AEW Dynamite:

  • This week: 947,000
    • Difference: DOWN: 20,000
  • Last week: (1/1): 967,000

AEW Wins!

Score: NXT 4 – 10 AEW

Full spreadsheet