Undertake, Rock, Batista reported to be inducted to 2018 WWE HoF

There is a rumor from Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com, that The Undetaker, The Rock are to be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame with Batista being the headliner for the ceremony.

Source: NoDQ.com

This is quite interesting to hear that Batista would be the headline act. From these 3 names alone, it would only make sense for The Undertaker to be the one that gets the headline spot considering what he has done for the business.

Also speaking on The Undertaker, his Kayfabe brother, Kane spoke on The Ross Report saying that The Undertaker would be able to wrestle if he was up for it. Kane also added that he would either like to wrestle Kane again or team up for one more match as the Brothers of Destruction but he doesn’t believe that is going to happen.

Source: NoDQ.com

I would actually like to see a proper sending off storyline from The Undertaker where him and Kane are having one last blast at the tag team scene knocking everyone off, winning the tag belts at WM and then vacating them declaring that the both of them have now retired from the business.
It would be a nice send off…Better than Roman retiring him though, right??

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