Wed. Sep 18th, 2019


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SquaredCircle.ie’s Release Roundup!

With the rumours of various superstars either leaving WWE for AEW or other promotions…there is some sites that are spreading false rumours!

I am here to give you the list as to whom is rumoured to be requesting their releases from WWE. Nothing may come from these but it’s something to be aware of!

  • Maria & Mike Kanellis – They have not been happy since their injury & pregnancy bout – With only 4 appearances on SmackDown and a handful of appearances on 205 Live, they are requesting their releases.
  • The Revival – Due to injuries and no story for the former 2-time NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival is looking to be jumping ship to AEW. They have apparently requested their release but again WWE has not approved of it.
    • UPDATE 14:55 – 2019/01/17 – Cultaholic has confirmed that The Revival asked for their release immediately after their match on Monday Night RAW. WWE has yet to respond.
    • UPDATE: 12:50 – 2019/01/18 – Dawson’s father tweeted the following which has now been deleted (Along with his account): “They were asked to give them 3 months to prove things are going to change”
    • MY PERSONAL PREDICTION: They will leave after Royal Rumble PPV. Do not take this as a legitimate source, this is only a prediction!!
    • UPDATE: 22/02/2019 – Looks like their request was denied as they are now the RAW Tag Team Champions!
  • Dolph Ziggler – Dolph recently turned down a contract to become a producer after his recent feud with Drew McIntyre. He is set to go on tour for his comedy show but we do not know if there is any return for Dolph in the future.
  • Dean Ambrose is not going to be renewing his contract after April and will be leaving WWE [Although this may be a work]
  • Hideo Itami has had his release granted and will be leaving WWE.
    • UPDATE: 19:30 – 22/02/2019 – Hideo Itami has been officially been released from WWE
  • Tye Dillinger has been released from WWE after requesting his release a few days earlier.

We will keep this post updated with all the releases. Follow us on Social Media for up to date information!