So about RAW & SmackDown (8th/9th April 2019)

So about RAW & SmackDown (8th/9th April 2019)

So about RAW and SmackDown after Wrestlemania and I was really disappointed. Generally, with a RAW or SD after Mania, you would have a good few people called up, but all we got was 1 return and 1 debut. Let’s hope more people get called up next week as part of the Superstar Shakeup. 

Let’s get into the shows


  • Seth Rollins came out to thank the Universe for supporting him. During his speech, he was interrupted by the NEW WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston. Kingston challenged the Universal Champion to a Winner Take All match akin to the Women’s Match that happened at Wrestlemania. Rollins accepted. This would become a big thing about the show. 
  • Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins retain their RAW Tag Team Championships against The Revival which means that Zack has now held a title longer than his Intercontential Championship he won at WM31 which he lost the very next night. 
  • Lars Sullivan debuted! And attacked Kurt Angle. 
  • Lacey Evans actually did something (YAY!), she punched “Becky 2 Belts” (NOOOO!) Becky got the upper hand though. 
  • I have got to start wondering what the purpose of Aleister Black & Ricochet is when they win every match that they have been in, but yet on Wrestlemania weekend, they lost to both the War Raiders & the other SmackDown Tag Teams. Please do something more with them. 
  • Finn Bálor defended (and retained) his new Intercontinental Championship against the returning Sami Zayn (Whom looks like a Dean Ambrose clone)
  • THE UNDERTAKER is back and attacked Elias. Dunno why, but that was cool. 
  • The main event got changed from a Winner Take All to a tag team match. Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins vs The Bar. Let’s hope that they get the Winner Take All match at some PPV down the line and hopefully in the not to distant future. 

SmackDown Live

  • Kofi came out to celebrate his WWE Championship victory, but he was interrupted by The Bar and… Drew McIntyre. Why? Why did he need to be this show? Why SmackDown? I have so many questions regarding this. 
  • Samoa choked out R-Truth, but was interrupted by RAW’s Braun Strowman and was destroyed. Is Braun going to SmackDown next week?
  • The Hardy Boyz defeated The Usos to become an 8 time WWE Tag Team Champion. Yay, it’s great to see them have another title run especially at their age. Let’s just hope that this isn’t another Hot Potato situation where they are swap the titles every few weeks until SummerSlam or something. 
  • Becky & Lacey fought again. I am OK with this. 
  • In the main event of SmackDown, we have The New Day vs The Bar & Drew McIntyre. I can see these guys becoming a European Stable where they fight against the non-Americans. Random thought: They could bring back the European Championship and Drew and the other guys (Including the NXT UK Roster) could fight for the European Championship and it would be defended on PPV or a TakeOver. Just a thought.

And that is the show. For a RAW and SmackDown after Mania, this was very very disappointing. Let’s hope we get something a bit better next week!