So about RAW & SmackDown - 25th & 26th March 2019

So about RAW & SmackDown - 25th & 26th March 2019

So about RAW & SmackDown, with just two weeks to go, you would think that we would be more hyped for Wrestlemania than ever before.

With the release of the full card for NXT TakeOver: New York this week, it is clear to see that Wrestlemania is taking the back seat, even though that they have announced that Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch is the main event of PPV.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s look at RAW & SmackDown Live


We start the show off with Ronda coming out to the ring to spout some stuff about the match that she is going to have at ‘Mania. Going into this show, we know that the 3 women were going to be taking on each member of the Riott Squad in a ‘Beat the Clock Challenge’

  • Ronda Rousey would submit Sarah Logan in 1 minute 25 seconds
  • Charlotte would lose to Ruby Riott
  • Becky Lynch would beat Liv Morgan in 1 minute 18 seconds winning the ‘Challenge’

Finn Bálor defeats both Bobby Lashley & Jinder Mahal. The match is now confirmed for Mania. Finn Bálor vs Bobby Lashley for the Intercontinental Championship.

Aleister Black & Ricochet defeat The Revival again but there is no challenge for them at Wrestlemania…just yet.

Roman Reigns responds to Drew McIntyre’s challenge to face him at Wrestlemania as he defeated both Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose in the previous few weeks.

Kurt Angle has apparently been hand-picking opponents for his Farewell tour and has asked SmackDown LIVE’s United States Champion Samoa Joe to a match after it was revealed at the weekend that Kurt’s final match on SmackDown Live ever would be against AJ Styles.

Main event time and it is Drew McIntyre vs Dean Ambrose in a Last Man Standing match. Even WWE has no idea why Dean Ambrose is fighting Drew when he is A) Set to leave the company in a couple of week and B) Drew is fighting with Roman at Mania. If WWE were supposed to be building to a Mania match between the two, at least you should have let Dean go out on a high.


And we begin with The New Day coming out and asking for Vince McMahon. Big E and Xavier say to Vince that it has been 11 years and after countless opportunities and roadblocks that have been put in the way, The New Day & Kofi has found ways around them and come out on top.

Vince then decides that if Xavier and Big E win a Tag Team Gauntlet match tonight, then Kofi Kingston would go up against Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship.

What we thought was a simple Women’s match has actually turned out to be A) Asuka and B) an impromptu SmackDown Live Women’s Championship match.

Shock to everyone but Charlotte submitted Asuka with a very nasty looking Figure 8 which I was shocked. I literally screamed at my screen, saying “How?”

Asuka does not deserve this. She has been poorly booked and 12 days away from the biggest show in WWE, they decided to change titles around, especially giving it to Charlotte. I would have been happier if the title was won by say… Mandy Rose who then could ask for a rematch at Wrestlemania. That would have made more sense.

So now we have Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair (C) vs Ronda Rousey (C) at Mania for the RAW Women’s Championship. As I stated on Twitter on Tuesday night, I am going to go out on a hunch and say that the titles are going to be unified.

Kurt Angle has his farewell match against AJ Styles. After about 2 minutes of wrestling, Randy Orton comes in, deliveres a RKO to Styles and that is the end of it. Yeah.. That’s it. That’s all that was. I am still holding out that the final match for Kurt Angle is against John Cena and not Baron Corbin.

The Miz and Shane McMahon have a heated arguement which seen some of the mid-card talent like Shelton Benjamin, Epico & Sanity come out to defend Shane McMahon.

It would be announced during this segment that their match at Wrestlemania was going to be a Falls Count Anywhere match.

And for The Main Event of the evening, Xavier Woods and Big E would have a big task ahead of them as they take on:

  • Gallows & Anderson (They defeated very quickly)
  • Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura (They deserve more but got defeated)
  • The Bar (Were defeated and even but Big E through a table)
  • The Usos (Came out and forefited as they want to see Kofi at Mania)
  • Finally, it would be Daniel Bryan & Rowan. They would get defeated as Rowan is put through the Announcers table and Bryan is out for the 10-count.

Kofi Kingston is going to Wrestlemania to take on Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship.

And that is it, a fairly OK week with some twists and turns.