So about last night...WWE Survivor Series

So about last night...WWE Survivor Series

So about last night… What a show. The first half of the show was OK, but ramped up after the Cruiserweight Championship match.

Anyway, let’s look at last night’s Survivor Series.

We start with the pre-show and it was 90 mins of guff with the last 30 mins actually worth talking about.


You had: The Usos, The New Day, SAnitY, The Colons, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, Lucha House Party, The Ascension, The Revival & The B-Team!

Nothing much to say here about these matches except for the switch-a-roo that Lucha House Party done when Kalisto was hurt, but none-the-less, this match was as good as it was going to get.

End of the match was Jimmy Uso on the top rope splashing onto Scott Dawson with a cocking arm to land the W for The Uso and more importantly, Team SmackDown.


Women’s Survivor Series match now and Nia Jax got boo’d out of the building. No one liked her being there and her partner Tamina could only sit there and laugh at the whole thing.

A lot of back and forth between this long match which ended up being Asuka on the receiving end of a Samoan drop from Nia Jax for RAW’s first victory of the night.


In the first singles match of the night, I thought it could have been bigger. it didn’t feel a big fight feel, probably because there was no real hype for this match tonight.

Match ended with The Stomp from Rollins to the back of the neck of Nakamura.


Couple of notes: Enzo Amore was in the crowd. LOL

And Drake Maverick pissed his pants.

Nothing match. AOP wins lol.


The only title match on the show and it was a fairly good bout. An absolute spectacle from both guys and I wish both were CW Champion.

Finish came when Ali reversed Murphy’s Law but got countered by Buddy’s knee to the face. A W for 205 Live and Murphy retains his title.


Yeah, this was an OK match. In quick fashion, Joe was eliminated by Drew McIntyre.

Mysterio took out Balor. And then Strowman cleaned house, delivering elimination and elimination. Braun was put through a table by an elbow drop from Shane McMahon.

It was McMahon vs Drew, Bobby and Braun. A T-Rex Dropkick from Strowman and a Running Powerslam to pick up on the W for Team RAW.


Match of the night here. The match was brilliant from the start as Charlotte managed to bust open Ronda Rousey with an elbow.

The match end came when Charlotte hit Ronda with a Kendo Stick throwing the match out. Charlotte snapped and snapped kendo sticks over Rousey before hitting the former UFC Champion with a Natural Selection to a steel chair.

With welts on her arms and legs, Ronda might have won the battle but Charlotte took the spoils.


This was actually a better match than what I expected. Bork got all his offence in and in one move, caused Bryan to hit the ref which in turn allowed Bryan to hit the Universal Champion with a low blow and then attacked him relentlessly.

Bryan might not have won this match, but this new heel turn has meant that he is a bigger problem than what everyone else thought.

And that is my look at Survivor Series, it was and OK show but it could have done with a coupe of more invasions to build up the card a little bit, but that is not what we got this year. Let’s hope we get something a bit bigger next year!

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