So about last night... WWE RAW (29/10/2018)

So about last night... WWE RAW (29/10/2018)

It’s the go-home show for the men this time as this Friday is WWE Crown Jewel. And with the company going ahead with the event, the fans and some of the talent are not happy with WWE’s decision to go to Saudi Arabia.

Let’s jump into each segment and talk about it!

NOTE: Spoilers are ahead!


Former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar appeared on RAW last night interrupting Acting GM Baron Corbin before Paul Heyman gave his usual speech on how he was going to win the title at Crown Jewel… As usual Brock doesn’t say anything.

Braun Strowman arrives and I believe that Lesnar flinched whenever Braun’s music hit as I don’t believe he was suspecting it.

Braun have Corbn 3 powerslams before being F5’d by Lesnar. And that’s the build for the main event right there!



We move onto a re-match from last week Finn Bálor vs Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush) and JESUS CHRIST SHUT UP LIO!

Lio is so annoying on the mic. If it was anyone else, fine, but his accent and the constant barrage of “LASH-LEY” chants throughout made me want to turn off RAW last night.

Anyway, the finish comes when Bálor was about to do a “Coup de Grâce” before being pushed off the top rope by Lio Rush which resulted in it being a DQ and Bálor picking up the win.

Right after the match, Lio gets a message and Lashley and him go to the back.


They end up in the trainers room where doctors where being attending to Baron Corbin. After his impressive work in the ring (And the fact that Corbin hates Bálor), he is going to put Bobby Lashley in the WWE World Cup tournament replacing John Cena.

John Cena never qualified for the tournament…He just stuck himself in there which is what WWE would love for you to think.

BUT it turns out that John Cena is not going to go to Saudi Arabia. He is outright refusing to work in Saudi Arabia and this was his way to get out of the match.

We may see something similar with Daniel Bryan on SmackDown Live tonight.

10-woman tag holla holla!

It’s 2 matches from last night’s WWE Evolution PPV on a RAW show!

Sasha, Bayley, Batalya, Trish & Lita
Mickie, Alicia and The Riott Sqauad

Nothing really much to say here about this match. A bit of miscommunications when Ruby Riott accidently hit Liv and Sarah on the corner.

Bayley and Lita do a double Twist of Fate and the match ends with Natayla locking in a sharpshooter onto Alicia Fox.


Elias vs Jinder Mahal. A nothing match to be honest. Sunil and Samir Singh laying out some cheap shots to Elias is not enough for Mahal to pick up the victory.

A miscalculation from Mahal is all Elias needed to pick up the win.


It’s Roode/Gable vs The Ascension vs AOP (w/ Drake Maverick)

Simple match here, AOP were trying to be the bigger team but got ousted when Gable hit Konnor who hit Akam before Gable & Roode pinning The Ascension for the win!


Seth Rollins is calling Dean for what he did last week and why he had turned his back on the Shield.

Dean appears at the top of the stairs but doesn’t say or do anything but when Seth starts to try and go up the stairs, Dean leaves the area. Nothing to really build on here.


Last night at Evolution, the final 3 women in the Battle Royale was Ember Moon, Nia Jax and Zelina Vega (But Vega was outside of the ring most of the time) but it sparked a potential rivalry between Moon and Jax.

Jax ended up winning the match before being interrupted by Tamina. The two square off which could spark a rivalry sooner rather than later.


The Lucha House Party from 205 Live is on RAW! They take on The Revival in the 3rd tag team match tonight!

Again a nothing match here here with Dawson not focusing on what was happening and got hit with a Salida del Sol from Kalisto which was followed up by a crossbody from Lince Dorado for pin!


Anothing nothing match between Apollo Crews and Dolph Ziggler. For the hype of the WWE World Cup this Friday at Crown Jewel, Ziggler talks about how Kurt Angle is a mentor to him.

Ziggler blocked a Frog Splash for the pin. Again, nothing to write home about.


The Bros of Destruction were inside the ring and ‘summoned’ DX. Triple H comes out and throws glow sticks at people before Shawn Michaels comes from behind, and delivers a Sweet Chin Music to The Undertaker.

Segment ends with The Undertaker raising up with Thunderclaps and the look of fear in the eyes of DX

This is going to be my favourite match on Friday!

And that’s the show, a bit lackluster for a go-home show, but I suppose that WWE has got to keep the talent safe and healthy going into Friday’s show.

It’s good to see 205 Live stars appear on RAW once again as we do not get that enough.

And I hope that Lita and Trish can stick around for a while longer and be able to participate in more matches in the future.

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