So about last night... WWE Fastlane 2019

So about last night... WWE Fastlane 2019

So about Fastlane 2019. While it did have some unique swearves that we haven’t seen in WWE in a long time, it wasn’t that exciting overall.


We start off with the pre-show and there was supposed to be 1 pre-show matches but it ended up that the match between Rey Mysterio and Andrade has now been changed to a Fatal 4-way match on the main card and it would be for the United States Championship with Samoa Joe and the former champion, R-Truth.

The only match on the pre-show was the tag team match between Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev vs The New Day’s Xavier Woods & Big E.

Nothing much to talk about with this match. The big thing surrounding that match was Kofi Kingston was asked to go to Vince’s office prior to their match was beginning to talk about the WWE Championship match.

And now onto the main card.

We start off with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, The Usos against The Miz and Shane McMahon.

This match was great as it showed how athletic Shane is, how athletic The Usos are and shows how great The Miz is inside the ring. 

After all of this, I think the best decision was for The Uso to retain the titles here.

After the match, while Shane was cheering on The Miz along with his father, Shane turned on The Miz and attacked him. A McMahon is always a McMahon.

Next was the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Most of it was skipped, but you can see Mandy Rose tripping on the ring apron that Sonya picked up (When she went to get a weapon from under the ring) and this cost Rose the match. After the match, there seemed to be a bit of distance between the two. Let’s hope that this doesn’t turn into a heel turn, because I actually like them as a duo. 

Next up we have the WWE Championship match…or so we thought.

Prior to this match, Kofi Kingston had a meeting with Vince and said that he was going to be in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, right now. 

When Kofi came out, it was changed to be a 2-on-1 handicap match. It would be The Bar that came out and absolutely destroyed Kofi Kingston. 

Next up it was the RAW Tag Team Championship Triple Threat and while this match was great, it really was there to put Ricochet and Alesiter Black on the map on the RAW division and I can see one of them becoming a singles champion going forward. Ricochet had an amazing spot when he jumped over the turnbuckle while Gable tagged himself in. 

The Revival retains.

The United States Championship match was mostly a skip, but Rey Mysterio with the Double Hurricarana was just a thing of beauty.

WWE Championship had a swerve as it has Mustafi Ali added to the match. Unfortuenly, it was a skip match 🙁 

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte was good until Ronda came in and caused the DQ which allowed Becky to be added to the Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania, but now CAN WE PLEASE GET CHARLOTTE OUT OF THE MATCH!

The Shield defeated the shitty-Shield with a double triple powerbomb. Too long of a match drawn out for an obvious victory. Becky & Charlotte should have been the main event of the show even though the main event was all supposed to be about Roman Reigns returning to action.