So about last night... SmackDown Live (23/10/2018)

So about last night... SmackDown Live (23/10/2018)

We began the new blog series ‘So about last night…’ last night where I am breaking down both RAW and SmackDown every week, segment by segment and I give my opinions on it.

Tonight, we have Episode 1001 of SmackDown Live!



Show starts with The New Day commenting about what happened last week on SmackDown when The Big Show interfered in their SmackDown Tag Team Championship match against The Bar where Show powerslammed Kofi Kingston through the announce desk and then The Bar ended up winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Kofi got a bit heated and demanded that he challenge one of the members of The Bar to a 1-on-1 match, he didn’t mind which one it was.

Out comes The Bar with Big Show by their side as they march to the ring. Initially we thought it was going to be Sheamus vs Kofi, but then he stopped the referee from ringing the bell to allow Cesaro to be in the match. Cesaro stopped the referee again and then The Big Show was ‘tagged in’ to be the competitor in this match. So it’s official, Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show.

The match slugs on before being thrown out by the referee as The New Day started brawling with the other members of The Bar inside the ring. Segment finishes with Show powerbombing Xavier Woods in the middle of the ring.

Telling lies?

Next, it is a rematch from last week where AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan take on The Usos. The Usos still look to be getting over from what had happened on Monday Night RAW with Roman Reigns. At one point in the match, Styles “accidentally” Pele-kicks Bryan in the face setting up the end of their match in which they lost.

MIZTV with Rey Mysterio

It’s MizTV with The Miz (duh) and his special guest, Rey Mysterio. The promo is the usual from The Miz where he berates the guest and hypes up that he has ‘been doing it all’ in the WWE while Rey had been gone for the last 5 years.

Miz then attacks Mysterio before the luchador gets advantage over him and assaults The Miz. During the ad break, Paige sets up the match between the two of them.

The MIz talking to Rey Mysterio

The One with Rey Mysterio vs The Miz

Rey Mysterio defeats The Miz with a 619 and that is the end of that. Note: The two superstars are set to be in the WWE World Cup to determine ‘who is the best in the world’

The Only Women’s Section

And then we come onto the craziest segment this week. There was supposed to be a tag match between Asuka & Naomi vs Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose. Before the match could even get started, they were interrupted by The IIconics, then by Lana, then by Carmella who began to have a “Dance Break” (from Truth TV) before being shoved into the ring by Zelina Vega. They all have a brawl and it ends up with Vega delivering a double-knees to Lana before being kicked in the face by Asuka. All of this to hype the Battle Royale this Sunday at WWE Evolution. 

Shane Talks!

Shane McMahon said some words hyping WWE Evolution. And then he goes on to talk about WWE World Cup. The crowd chants “CM Punk” in which he responds by saying “He is not in the tournament”. He feels that someone from the SmackDown side would be crowned ‘The best in the world’. He then sets the Main Event for the evening. Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton. 

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton #11*

(Yes, I did check, this is their 11th 1v1 match in WWE)

Nothing much to talk about in this Main Event as the two of them are back and forth. The finish comes as Hardy tries to backslide Orton for the pin, then attempting the Twist of Fate, before being countered into the RKO for the win. Randy Orton wins the match.

And that was the entire show. Lots of fluff in this episode and the only storyline which I feel that was progressed was The Bar & Big Show vs The New Day. The women’s segment should have been fleshed out a little bit more and now it seems that the Battle Royale is nothing more than a afterthought for WWE which is a shame.

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