So about last night... SmackDown Live (15/01/2019)

So about last night... SmackDown Live (15/01/2019)

So about last night… SmackDown Live. SmackDown showed that when it comes down to it, RAW can put up a fight and had a challenging week with their RAW which is as good as SmackDown Live.

As with some of the matches, there will be some SKIPS in here as some of the matches do not have any purpose. This will be something that I will be omitting from my reviews going forward.

This is “So about last night…” – Issue #25 (Yay, we made it to 25!)


DRINK THE OTIS SHAKE BECKY! Brilliant opening.
Becky comes out and and says that she was going to take the SmackDown Women’s off Asuka.

Asuka comes out and rebuttals before The IIconics came out can claimed that they were going to be the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions!

Becky then opened a challenge with Peyton & Billie.
Becky takes on Peyton and wins
Asuka takes on Billie and wins!

AJ Styles responds to Daniel Bryan’s actions last week

AJ Styles was on conession stand duty this week as he told the WWE Universe how awesome it is to be a fan, to eat hot dogs and drink soda.

Bryan appeared out of nowhere and started to attack AJ Styles. Styles returned the attacks and even put Bryan through a table.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Rey Mysterio

Welp, Andrade got the Cesaro, Rusev, Neville and Harper & Rowan treatment by losing part of his name.

He takes on Rey Mysterio and this is probably going to be match of the week.

Finish came when Zelina Vega distracted the referee to allow Andrade to hit the king of luchadors with a Hammerlock DDT to seal the victory. Watch if you can.

Shane McMahon is 49.

Miz threw a party, The Bar interuppted.

Miz defeated Sheamus