So about last night...SmackDown LIVE (13/11/2018)

So about last night...SmackDown LIVE (13/11/2018)

So about last night…It was an emotional night. In fact, I nearly teared up during the Becky Lynch promo but we’ll get onto that.

Let’s talk about last night.

=== SPOILERS ===


Paul Heyman arrives to SmackDown LIVE to talk about AJ Styles about his match with Brock Lesnar. He brings up Daniel Bryan’s name when talking about beating the best.

Daniel came out and while we though that he was cool with AJ Styles, Daniel heel turned and started brawling with the WWE Champion. Officials and back stage crew came out to help break up the two of them.

In the back after the ad break, Shane declares that AJ Styles will put the title on the line tonight against Daniel Bryan in the main event of SmackDown LIVE.


The card for Survivor Series seems to be changing so much before Sunday that my initial predictions for the show have had to been thrown out.

Now while this was a nothing match, it gave the opportunity for the now sole captain of the SmackDown Survivor Series team an excuse to have Jeff Hardy on his team.

Now that The Miz had added Jeff Hardy to his Survivor Series team, he wanted to remove Daniel Bryan’s pick of Rey Mysterio but Paige did not allow that and punishing him by putting The Miz in a match against the luchador and if Rey won, he would remain on the team for this Sunday’s Pay-per-View.

Rey wins. Shortly after the win, Randy Orton went to attack him but instead, delivered an RKO to The Miz.


Paige starts the segment off by introducing Carmella, Mandy Rose, Asuka, Lana, Naomi, Sonya Deville, Charlotte Flair and the IIconics before the Champ appearred

Becky Lynch comes out with a black eye and declares that she has a ‘broken nose’ and now she cannot compete on Sunday against Ronda Rousey.

[bctt tweet=”Becky Lynch comes out with a black eye and declares that she has a ‘broken nose’ and now she cannot compete on Sunday against Ronda Rousey. ” username=”Wressling_”]

As she cannot fight on Sunday, she wants a replacement…After staring each and every one of the girls in the ring down, she decides on whom it is: Charlotte Flair. She shakes hands before embracing a hug to seal the deal.

Charlotte made a small but emotional speech that Charlotte Flair was going to finish the job that Becky started. A very emotional evening for Becky & Charlotte.


Nothing match here…I guess they needed a tag team match or something. Big Show punch to Kofi got the win for the champions!


And her we go! It’s the Main Even between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, days before taking on Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

It was a great match until the finish where Byran dropkicked AJ Styles into the referee and then kicking him in the groin and then ended the match with a running knee for the W

Daniel Bryan is the NEW WWE Champion!

Now in Full Heel mode, I would hate to see what he can do against Brock Lesnar this Sunday!

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