So about last night... SmackDown Live (12/02/2019)

So about last night... SmackDown Live (12/02/2019)

So about last night’s SmackDown Live and it is the go home show before Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV and unfortunately there is not a lot of talk about here as 60% of the show was dedicated to the Gauntlet match to determine whom would be the last person to enter the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship on Sunday.

Let’s get into it regardless.


We had Charlotte react to what happened the previous night on RAW and the reaction that she had seen online from this decision that was made by Vince the previous night.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

This was to determine whom would enter the Elimination Chamber match first in the Women’s Tag Team Championship match.

Naomi & Carmella won with Noami hitting the wonder Split Legged Moonsault onto Mandy Rose.

While The IIconcics got into the match at all, they beat down the winners after the match.


I don’t normally watch cringy parts of the show, but this one I actually enjoyed.

I thought Shane was still all “Um, I don’t know about this whole tag team thing”, but he was well into being a champion last night as he delivered a great segment along with The Miz which was very entertaining.

The Usos were also very good in this segment too with their small back and forths about what each of them liked.

An impressive superkick to the tag champs ended the segment. Usos vs Shane & Miz on Sunday.

Gauntlet Match

Kofi Kingston replaced Mustafa Ali as he is out with an injury which is a shame as he would have been his first WWE Championship title match. Shame that it happened. Hopefully, he can bounce back from this in the future when he returns.

To make this simple, I am going to bullet point the entire match.

  • Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston to start
  • Kofi eliminated the WWE Champion with a Trouble in Paradise
  • Kofi Kingston vs Jeff Hardy
  • Kofi defeated Jeff with an SOS
  • Kofi Kingston vs Samoa Joe
  • Kofi reversed the Coquina Clutch into a pin and defeated Joe
  • Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles
  • AJ Styles defeated Kofi Kingston with a Calf Crusher
  • Kofi was given a ovation when leaving the ring.
  • AJ Styles vs Randy Orton
  • Orton didn’t come down the ramp, instead appeared behind Styles for the victory
  • Orton wins the Gauntlet and will the last into the the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday.

And that is it from SmackDown Live.

It was an enjoyable and less-confusing than RAW this week and really hyped the SmackDown side of matches which should make for some good viewing this Sunday.

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