So about last night... SmackDown Live (11/12/2018)

So about last night... SmackDown Live (11/12/2018)

So about last night… SmackDown was very good for a go-home show for WWE TLC. 

205 Live vs SmackDown Live

Before the show, it was announced that WWE Champion Daniel Bryan would be taking on the “Heart and Soul of 205 Live”, Mustafi Ali.

Daniel came out and cut the same promo that he has been cutting for the last couple of weeks. He also got new side plates as “The Yes Movement” is now officially dead.

Daniel Bryan’s new side-plates for his WWE Championship. (Picture: Wildcat Championship Belts)

Mustafi Ali came out and claimed that Daniel Bryan is an inspiration and claimed that most of the 205 Live roster look up to him. 

Bryan doesn’t like compliments these days, so he attacked Ali which set up their 1v1 match.

A fantastic match showcasing what both men can do and I feel that this match was a good trajectory career-wise for Ali. 

The finish came when Daniel Bryan attacked the left leg and wrapped it around the ring turnbuckle in the same fashion as what he did with AJ Styles last week.

Then he took out the leg of Ali for the victory. A very good match and I would like to see Ali on SmackDown again in the future.

The Usos vs The Bar in a Rap Battle!


Shane McMahon & The Miz vs “The Vegas Boys”

Two local competitors jobbed to Shane McMahon. NEXT!

Randy Orton cuts a promo

He cuts a promo about Rey Mysterio and then gets attacked by Mysterio with a steel chair. NEXT!

Rusev & Hardy vs Joe & Nakamura

Nothing tag team match here as neither of the 4 are competing at TLC this Sunday. Although, they are in rivalries with each other (Hardy & Joe, Rusev & Nakamura). Better to have 1 good-ish match instead of 2 boring matches. 

Winner came when Rusev hit the Machka Kick on Nakamura for the W.

Asuka vs Charlotte Flair – WM34 rematch

A rematch from Wrestlemania. Fairly good match until Charlotte hit Asuka with a Kendo stick for the DQ which prompted Becky to get involved hitting Charlotte and hitting Asuka. 

Asuka got the kendo stick and hit Charlotte and Becky with it. Charlotte came out worse for wear and she would be seen leaving the ring with massive welts on her back and side. 

A fantastic end to SmackDown and gets me hyped for their match on Sunday. 

We didn’t see AJ Styles this week which was very disappointing as it would have been nice to have one more promo between the two before their match on Sunday.

Later today (Wednesday 12th), I will release my predictions for WWE TLC PVV this Sunday for my Patreons. Non-Patreons will see from Sunday morning.

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