So about last night... SmackDown Live (08/01/2019)

So about last night... SmackDown Live (08/01/2019)

So about last night…SmackDown was very very very good…despite a lot of SKIP moments.

Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.


Daniel Bryan opened the show with him telling people that they are FICKLE and that they are being brainwashed and yadda yadda. From the concession stand, Bryan entered the arena but got attacked by R-Truth after what Bryan did to him on Christmas Day.

Daniel Bryan wins.

Tag Team Match

Andrade “Cien” Almas & Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio vs Mustafa Ali.

Mostly a SKIP, but Almas won by delivering a Hammerlock DDT to Rey Mysterio.

The Bar vs The Usos

Discard the ‘wrestling’ element of this as Mandy Rose came out in a towel and flip flops to see whether she left her clothes in Jimmy Uso’s hotel room.

With the distraction, The Bar capitilised on it. Cesaro delivered an Neutralizer to Jey Uso.

The Miz came out and asked Sheamus & Cesaro whether he and Shane McMahon can face them at the Royal Rumble PPV for the title. Sheamus brogue kicked The Miz to “Sign the contract”

Triple Threat

Becky vs Carmella vs Charlotte to take on Asuka at Royal Rumble.

Mostly SKIP, but Becky tapped out Carmella with the dis-arm-her.

After which, Asuka came out to face off with Becky and it looks like that Beck IS ready for Asuka.

And that is it for my SmackDown review. Good show with some good bits in it. Really intrigued to see whom is going to win the Tag Team match at Royal Rumble.

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