So about last night... SmackDown Live 06/11/2018

So about last night... SmackDown Live 06/11/2018

So about last night…It’s SmackDown’s turn to hype for next weekend’s Survivor Series PPV but whom is going to be captain of the teams and who are they going to have?



And we kick things off with Shane McMahon inside the ring and declaring how he was not the best in the world and that the WWE World Cup trophy belonged to everyone on SmackDown Live.

Shane announced that the Men’s Survivor Series team captain was going to Daniel Bryan! He was interrupted by the presence of The Miz who said that he should have been captain as he got to the final of the WWE World Cup.

Paige and Shane McMahon declared that both of them will become co-captains of the teams and that they would have to both put together of a team. Fun stuff.

This was a interesting twist on this long-burning feud that The Miz and Daniel Bryan have and this is continued throughout the show.

Backstage after the ad break, Shane, Miz and Daniel are talking backstage and Miz & Daniel Bryan jointly agree that Shane McMahon should be on the team as he did win the WWE World Cup. Shane agrees and that is the segment over.


It’s The New Day vs The Usos to become the captains of the SmackDown Tag Team Survivor Series match. A short opening match with Jimmy catching Kofi with a top-rope powerbomb and ended the match with a frog splash.

The Usos win and become captains of the team. After the match, they announced that the recognised that The New Day are a good team and got them to join the Survivor Series team.

To backstage and another segment with The Miz and Daniel Bryan. It’s Daniel Bryan’s pick and he chooses Rey Mysterio!  The Miz is clearly unhappy and says that if Mysterio impresses him during his match against, he’ll be allowed on the team.

To top it off, Daniel Bryan made a suggestion that for the last member, both captains would choose someone, they would fight in the main event of the show and whomever won, would be added to the Survivor Series team. Very happy with the decision, The Miz goes off to choose his pick!


Becky Lynch is out to respond to what Ronda Rousey said on RAW the previous night. A really good promo from Becky here about how she wasn’t meant to be in the main event or how she is the talk of the industry but she is there and she is the man that is the champ.

She issued an open challenge to anyone in the back that would take on The Man. Suddenly Wolfe, Young and Dain from SAnitY came out to only be flanked by NXT’s Twisted Sister, NIKKI CROSS! Nikki FINALLY makes her debut on the Main Roster. She runs to the ring and does her usual freak-out before Becky interrupts her by saying “What are you doing her-“. Nikki snaps the microphone from Becky and say that she want to play.


Cross had a fairly decent debut match against Lynch, putting in offence where she needed to, before tapping out to Lynch’s Dis-arm-her.

While this may be the first L for Cross on the main-roster, I can see this being a creepy feud for TLC PPV.


Without his Manager, Zelina Vega, Andrade is on his own for this match.

A relatively short match where Almas had some offence which quickly turned into Mysterio having the upper hand, hitting Almas with the 619 and Dropping the Dime for the victory.

After the match, Randy Orton from nowhere hit Mysterio with a RKO before leaving.

Backstage again with The Miz and Daniel Bryan, they have made their picks for the match tonight for the final Survivor Series slot. Daniel Bryan chose Jeff Hardy and The Miz chose Samoa Joe.

After what happened on last week’s SmackDown, Bryan is not on good terms with Joe.


Paige comes out to announce the Women’s team for the Survivor Series match.

  • Carmella
  • Naomi
  • Sonya Deville (Whom got an updated theme from what I can tell)
  • Asuka
  • and Charlotte Flair…actually.

What was supposed to be Charlotte turned out to be Mandy Rose. She is disappointed that Sonya Deville was chosen over her as she eliminated Deville at the Battle Royal at WWE Evolution. 

Rose started staying a line about each of the women before going too far with Naomi who delivered a forearm to Mandy.

Sonya pulls Mandy away while Naomi is pulled away by Asuka and Naomi. Segment ends with Sonya and Mandy staring at each other before Mandy backing off and out of the ring.


It’s the main event, whom will; get the last slot on the Survivor Series team.

Bryan and Miz were on commentary for this hyping up each competitor.
Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb, not before Joe could get his knees up.

Joe locked Jeff Hardy in the Coquina Clutch for the submission victory and earned his spot on the team.

Joe celebrated in front of Daniel Bryan who attacked him causing a brawl. Miz tried to break it up but Daniel Bryan started to attack him. Shane McMahon arrived to try and break it up but ended up on the receiving end of a Judo throw before leaving.


I thought tonight’s show was a bit rushed as they wanted to establish the Survivor Series teams very quickly while also starting some potential feuds.

  • Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose.
  • Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan.
  • Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio.

With one show left before Survivor Series, who knows what way it is going to go!

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