So about last night... RAW (25/02/2019)

So about last night... RAW (25/02/2019)

So about last night’s RAW and it was a great show.

Let’s get into it.


We start the night with the return of Roman Reigns. We last seen Roman in October when he vacated the Universal Championship and declared that he would be taking some time off due to Leukaemia.

After what felt like 20 mins, Roman started to talk and thank the WWE Universe for all the prayers and messages that people have been leaving him over the last few months.

He also announced that his leukemia is now in remission.


It was Ricochet & Aleister Black making their Tag Team debut on RAW again st The Revival and while the match was a throwaway, it will still nice to see Aleister and Ricochet on the Main Roster.

They faced and defeated the RAW Tag Team Champions, The Revival. They have lost in 2 weeks in a row which is a bigger shock than anything.

Ronda & Natalya vs The Riott Squad

So instantly, the match is a SKIP as THE MAN Becky Lynch avoids her suspension and attacks Natayla before unloading on Ronda Rousey. Rousey starts to attack her. WWE Security try to break it up but it would be the police who arrest Becky Lynch and escort her out from Backstage.

Ronda has had enough and demands Vince McMahon to come out to the ring. Stephanie appears and before Stephanie can say anything, Ronda interrupts her saying that she should drop the charges, reinstate Becky and let it be just Becky vs Ronda at Wrestlemania. It is what she wants, it is what Becky wants and it is what the fans want.

Stephenie is reluctant to decide anything and says that she is going to face Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania.

Ronda is not happy how the RAW Women’s Division is being treated and that Vince is making all the decisions and that they should have a deeper look into what is actually going on.

Ronda then layed out the RAW Women’s title in front of Steph and left.

Drew McIntyre vs Dean Ambrose

Drew was taking on Dean in a No Disqualification match. Match is a SKIP but the events at the end of the match was interesting.

Elias smashed a guitar on the back of Dean Ambrose which allowed Drew to pick up the victory.

Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley would come down and start to assault Dean Ambrose. It would be “The Shield Brothers” (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) that would help Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose had no idea what was going until Roman and Seth would get to the ramp.

Ric Flair

It is Ric Flair’s 70th Birthday and WWE is throwing a party. We have Sting, Kurt Angle, Triple H and Steph in the ring and the RAW Roster on the ramp to welcome the 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Flair’s music hit but with no sign. It then cuts to the backstage area where you can see a figure pulling a cameraman towards Ric Flair’s dressing room. It’s Batista!

Batista drags Ric Flair by the neck out of the room and then shouts at the camera saying “Hunter, do I have your attention now?” before screaming.

Could it be Batista vs Triple H at Wrestlemania? Let’s hope so.

And that is it from RAW. A very good show from Start to Finish.

I am going to trialing a new Podcast on Thursday with Professional Wrestling news from the last few days. If it goes well, I might be able to produce a podcast every Monday and Thursday. So look out for the “ News” Podcast on Thursday.