So about last night... RAW (17/12/2018)

So about last night... RAW (17/12/2018)

So about last night… Monday Night RAW was an interesting episode and a ‘safe’ episode given the announcement at the top of show. 


We start the show with Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Shane McMahon appearing.

Stephanie says that they failed to listen to the audience and allowed petty grievances to take over.

With that, the McMahon family is taking back full control of both RAW and SmackDown and that over the next coming weeks and months, that new faces and match types would be established. 

Baron Corbin comes out and tries to get his role as General Manager. The McMahon’s talk about it and they said that he could get a job if he could beat Kurt Angle with Heath Slater as referee. 

Then a member of the family came out to declare that it was going to be a handicap match and that the match was a No Disqualification, so Apollo Crews, Bobby Roode & Chad Gable came out and beat Corbin up with a chair. 

The finish of the match came when Angle hit the Olympic slam to Corbin for the pinfall.

Finn Bálor vs Dolph Ziggler

Announced on TLC the previous night, these two were to have a fight. The match ended in a DQ after Drew McIntyre interfered.

Dean Ambrose

Flanked by his ‘SWAT’ team, Ambrose came out to issue a challenge to Rollins for a re-match from last night but the Intercontinental Championship was not on the line. 

Failing to answer the call from Ambrose, he decided to change it so that it was an Open Challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. Who would answer the call, only Tyler Breeze!

It was great to see Breeze on television after his NXT North American match on NXT last Wednesday against Ricochet. 

Finish came when Dean hits Breeze with Dirty Deeds to retain the title. Afterwards, a member of his SWAT team attacks Ambrose and it’s revealed to be Seth Rollins.

No1 Contendership match

It was The B-Team vs The Lucha House Party vs AOP vs The Revival in a Fatal 4-way in where the winner would face Chad Gable & Bobby Roode for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

The Lucha House Party Rules has now been removed and is banned.

The Revival wins which is probably the best result because WWE are failing to see what the Tag division on RAW can actually do. Looking forward to the title match down the line.

Women’s Gauntlet match

For the last hour of the show, there was a Gauntlet match to determine who would be the next contender for Ronda Rousey’s RAW Women’s Championship.

Bayley defeated Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke before being eliminated by Mickie James who was defeated by Ember Moon. Natayla was the next to enter who defeated Ember Moon and fought Ruby Riott (Basically a repeat of last night) and won. Natayla had one more opponent, Sasha Banks.

The two of them fought but it would be Natty’s Sharpshooter who would pick up the victory and she would face Ronda Rousey for the title next week on RAW.

And that was RAW! It wasn’t terrible and I can really see opportunity in The Revival and Natty becoming champions and hopefully this would mean that down the line, we will see the Universal Champion being held by an active wrestler.

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