So about last night... RAW (11/02/2019)

So about last night... RAW (11/02/2019)

We are back in full swing here in Wressling land as we bring you a new So about last night and it is the go home edition before WWE Elimination Chamber this Sunday. (Psst, predictions post will be out tomorrow all going well)

Anyway, let’s look back at the last night’s show and what I thought of it.


We start the show with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H who wanted Becky Lynch to apologise for her actions on last week’s RAW & SmackDown Live.

“The Man” appeared and initially refused to apologise but Triple H gave her the ultimatum. Apologise, and go to Wrestlemania, if she didn’t…she’ll be off the show. Becky has to the end of the night to come up with her decision.

Women’s Tag Team Triple Threat!

Mostly skip here, but Sasha Banks & Bayley will enter first into the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday for the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

6-man tag for the hell of it.

Right, I don’t like WWE starts mixing feuds in with each other.

Finn Balor with Braun Strowman & Kurt Angle
Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush, Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre.

Finn’s feud with Lashley, Braun Strowman with Drew and Baron and Kurt Angle for the sake of it.

You are using up half the feuds in on the RAW brand in one single match. Since TLC, I haven’t been able to figure out what the heck is going on with the feuds and it’s making me skip them altogether. None of it is engaging what-so-ever.

But out of all of this, we get,

  • Finn Bálor will face Bobby Lashley at Elimination Chamber for his Intercontinental Championship.
  • Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin at Elimination Chamber.

RAW Tag Team Championship Match
Roode & Gable vs The Revival

After weeks and weeks of trying and trying to get their hands on the RAW Tag Team Championships, The Revival got another chance to get their hands on the coveted red and silver straps.

The finish of the match came when Dash Wilder blind tagged in without Chad Gable seeing it and while being distracted with the non-legal Dawson, Wilder hit the Shatter Machine from the turnbuckle for the 1,2,3 which means that finally: The Revival is the NEW RAW Tag Team Champions!

It would be The Revival’s first title reign on the main roster since their NXT Tag Team Championship run back in November of 2016.

Main Event

And the main event of the evening is not actually a match. It is time for Becky Lynch to apologise to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for her actions last week.

Lynch caves and apologises to them. BUT there was one person who didn’t like the apology… Vince McMahon.

Vince comes out and says that Becky is not The Man and that he is The Man. Vince then re-suspends Becky Lynch for 60 days which will expire 5 days after Wrestlemania which means that she cannot fight Ronda Rousey.

Vince then announces who is going to replace her: Charlotte Flair.

After RAW went off the air, Becky & Ronda got into an verbal argument before The Riott Squad came out as Ruby is going to face Ronda this Sunday at Elimination Chamber (Oh, you didn’t know that? They announced it on Social Media on Sunday… No hype for it)

Ronda & Becky were surrounded by The Riott Squad who started attacking the RAW Women’s Champion and the former SmackDown Women’s Champion but it would be Ronda & Becky would get the upper hand. Becky would lock in the dis-arm-her on Sarah Logan and Ronda’s armbar on Liv Morgan.

And that is the show. Quite interesting to see a title change and massive shake-up to the Wrestlemania card.

I (along with the rest of the internet) is not happy with Vince changing the match at Wrestlemania to have Charlotte included. It really is not fair on Becky and she should be rewarded in some other way in the meantime.

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