So about last night... RAW (10/12/2018)

So about last night... RAW (10/12/2018)

So about last night… RAW airs its 1,333rd episode and it comes to you like from Valley View Casino Center in San Jose, California and this is the go home RAW before WWE TLC this Sunday!

Let’s get into the show!


We start the show with Seth Rollins coming out to call out Baron Corbin for making Monday Night RAW an absolute shambles with giving random matches to The Revival and the Lucha House Party, handing the Universal Title back to Brock Lesnar and firing of Rhyno and the re-assignment of Heath Slater to being a WWE Official.

Baron Corbin then layed down a challenge, a TLC match against Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship in the main event of the show.

AOP vs Roode/Gable

We covered this news story this morning in our Breaking News!

In a 3-on-2 handicap match for the RAW Tag Team Championship and from the outset, you could see AOP being a very dominate force in this match. They got their finshers in and Drake Maverick was about to pin Roode before he reversed it for the quick count from the referee.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable are the NEW RAW Tag Team Champions!

Maybe you shouldn’t have Ruby

Ahead of their Tables match this Sunday at PPV, Natayla came out to say that she was going to dedicate the match against Ruby Riott to her father, the late, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

Ruby Riott came out flanked by Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan and a table that had a picture of the 2-time WWF World Tag Team Champion on it. 

Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre

Drew demanded a re-match against Ziggler after Finn Bálor interfered in their match last week which saw Ziggler picking up the victory. There was no interference this week as we seen McIntyre pick up the win with a Claymore.

After the match, there was another Claymore to seal the deal. 

Drew McIntyre faces Finn Bálor on Sunday at WWE TLC.

Alicia Fox vs Bayley

Nothing match to hype up the Mixed Match Challenge. Bayley wins.

Lio Rush vs Elias

Ahead of Elias vs Bobby Lashley match at WWE TLC PPV, Rush took on Elias with Heath Slater as referee.

Heath wasn’t much help here as Lashley attacked Elias (which should have been a DQ), but instead, Lashley smashed a guitar over Elias and Rush picked up the victory, 

Ember Moon vs Tamina

A nothing match to hype their friends Ronda vs Nia match, this Sunday at TLC. Ember wins with the Eclipse.

Baron Corbin vs Seth Rollins in a TLC match for the Intercontinental Championship (w/ Heath Slater as referee)

To run in all down in a few simple points. Seth was very dominate in this match which saw him put Corbin through a table and he started to ascend up the ladder. He then was pushed off by Heath Slater.

Slater helped Corbin back into the ring and got him to ladder for him to climb. Rollins came back in and attacked Slater and then power-bombing Corbin through another table.

The match ended with Rollins delivering a ‘Stomp’ to Corbin before ascending the ladder and claiming his Intercontinental Championhip

And that is the show, a better week of Monday Night RAW from the last two and it’s good to see that there was no piss takes with this weeks show or very awkward interviews. 

Hopefully this momentum can keep them going into the new year after the TLC PPV. 

My predictions for WWE TLC will be out early tomorrow for Patrons as I have some time off tomorrow.

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