So about last night... RAW (07/01/2019)

So about last night... RAW (07/01/2019)

So about last night….RAW kicked off 2019 with one of the more better episodes with Seth squaring up to the Authority and Hulk Hogan returning to honour Mean Gene Okerlund.


The night starts with Rollins & Lashley fighting. This goes on for some time, but once there is some control, John Cena appears.

He announces that is he is going to be in this years Royal Rumble match. And what seemed to be like 30 seconds, you had most of the top guys in the company all in the once place. Rollins, Ambrose, Lashley, Rush, McIntyre, Balor which set up the first match of the night.

6-man tag

This was an entertaining match to watch as you had some of WWE’s top guys all in the same ring and they all got to do their spots where no one felt out of place. Finish came when Rollins delivered a Stomp to his former brother, Dean Ambrose for the pinfall.

After the match, Rollins stormed out of the ring to the back and got up all in Triple H’s grill and demanded a match with Ambrose tonight. Triple H says that he’s got it and that it’ll be a Falls Count Anywhere match.

‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund

I’ll not go into much detail here, but it was a very good promo from Hulk and the video package that WWE had was also top notch.

What a good way to honour the late ‘Mean’ Gene.

Lumberjack Match

RAW Tag Team match… Nothing to report. Gable & Roode retain. SKIP

Corbin & Elias

…sigh SKIP

Crews & Moon vs Mahal & Fox

*yawn* … SKIP

A moment of Bliss…

Most of it was SKIP worthy except that Ronda was talking about how Sasha Banks would be a great opponent. Banks came out with her reaction before being interrupted by Nia Jax & Tamina.

This quickly became a match between Nia & Sasha.

Sasha won with the Bank Statement and she will now face Ronda at Royal Rumble for the RAW Women’s Championship.

It’s time for your Main Event.

Rollins vs Ambrose for the IC Title in a Falls Count Everywhere match.

Unfortunately. most of this was a SKIP (Yes, I realise there was a lot of this in this episode of RAW)

Finish came when Rollins had been attacking Ambrose for most of the match, hits him with the stomp before Bobby Lashley came out and interfered in the match, destroyed Rollins which allowed Ambrose to cover him for the pinfall.

To make sure that Rollins wouldn’t get up, Lashley put Rollins through a table with a spinebuster

And that was RAW. An OK episode, better than the last few weeks, but I’d say that the matches leading up to the Royal Rumble will be decided.