So about last night... RAW (04/03/2019)

So about last night... RAW (04/03/2019)

So about last night… RAW was not a bad show last night with some moot parts which felt like that they were just dragging out the show before Fastlane this Sunday.

Anyway, let’s get into the show.


The show started when Roman Reigns came out and wanted to reform The Shield ‘one more time’. Seth came out and stated that he didn’t to reform it because the way Dean has been over the last few months.

Dean comes out but get hits with a guitar from Elias and that sets up that match later in the show.

Triple H & Batista

Triple H comes to react to what Batista did last week on RAW and was saddened that Ric Flair’s 70th Birthday celebrations was tainted by the animal.

The whole promo felt off as Triple H was using Ric’s real name (Richard) on multiple occasions. Hunter even went as far as state that he would be in every building that WWE travelled to but not as Triple H but as him. Batista was not at the show to rebut.

Dean + Seth & Roman = ?

It was the match between Dean Ambrose and Elias and it would actually be Elias who would get the upper hand as he would drop to the Drift Away. Afterwards, Seth and Roman came out to ask Dean to join the Shield.

Dean would leave through the stairs (ala. The Shield’s entrance). Before he left, Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre came out to attack Roman & Seth. Dean then rushed down the stairs, jumped in the ring and started to help out. After a lot of debating with himself, he put out his fist to signify that The Shield was back!


A backstage interview makes it’s way into a So about last night… for a particular bombshell that wasn’t made clear on RAW last week.

According to Stephanie McMahon, Ronda laying out the RAW Women’s Championship indicated that she had vacated the championship and that once Becky Lynch has signed the “Hold-harmless agreement” later in the show, it would be Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch at Fastlane for the vacant RAW Women’s Championship.

On top of this, all the charges relating to Becky Lynch was dropped and that her 60-day suspension had been lifted. Easy 1 week sale on the T-Shirt lads!

We will come back to this later.

Tamina vs Sasha Banks

Tamina wins. Shocker.

Aleister Black & Ricochet vs The Revival

After defeating the RAW Tag Team Champions last week, Ricochet & Aleister Black got to face The Revival for the RAW Tag Team Championships, but it came to a Disqualification after interference from Bobby Roode & Chad Gable.

Becky is back!

Becky is out to sign the ‘Hold Harmless agreement’ and the match is official for Sunday. Not before Ronda Rousey returns and demanded her title back from Stephanie and stated that she doesn’t care about the fans being entertained.

Ronda then attacked Charlotte and layed into Becky with fists and armbars. But the match on Sunday is still on between Becky & Charlotte.

If Becky wins, she will be added to the match at Wrestlemania (which is not what we want… we do not want Charlotte) but if she loses, she is out and has no chance going forward.

And that is the show, it was an enjoyable show to say the least and it now sets up the RAW side of things for Fastlane.

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