So about last night... NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool

So about last night... NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool

So about last night NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool and Holy jesus was this show great! From the get go, the crowd was hot and right until the ‘Fade to Black’, the crowd didn’t let up.

Let’s get into the show!


And first up, it open with the final of the tournament to crown the new NXT UK Tag Team Championships

What a match to kick off the show. The crowd was red hot especially with the “Shoes off if you hate Gibson” chant:

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Which came to be the fuel that they needed to win the match!

A fantastic match with some great technical wrestling saw Gibson & Drake become the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

Banks vs Devlin

This turned from being one of the matches of the night to being one of the matches of the year and it didn’t involve Travis Banks.

Before the show, Travis Banks was attacked by Jordan Devlin but was still cleared to compete at the show. During Jordan Devlin’s entrance, Banks attacks him but Devlin gets the upper hand and aggravates his injury.

NXT UK GM Johnny Saint came out and said that he knew that Devlin was going to pull this stunt and had a “Plan B”.

Out came Devlin’s trainer from Bray, RAW’s Finn Bálor! The match was set and the two duked it out.

A fantastic match from Bell to bell as these two gave everything that they got, but it would be Bálor whom would pick up the victory and get the W in Blackpool.

Mastiff vs Dennis

In a No DQ match, it was the heavyweight of Mastiff who took on Eddie Dennis and it was a great match. All the hard-hitting spots with the kendo stick, to the Dennis landing on the exposed ballroom floor of the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool.

A cannonball from Mastiff through the table finished off this match!

Toni Storm vs Rhea Ripley

And it’s for the NXT UK Women’s Championship

What. A. Match. Brilliant from start to finish. I could watch these two fight forever and wouldn’t get bored. Shocker came when Toni Storm kicked out of the Riptide which everyone freaked out about. Never done before! Then Rhea kicked out of Storm Zero, Toni’s finisher.

The match ended with Storm delivering another Storm Zero to Ripley to take the NXT UK Women’s Championship off her.

Pete Dunne vs Joe Coffey for the WWE UK Championship!

This was by far a brilliant match. Although one little gripe that I had with it was that after about 20 – 25 minutes, you could see the two getting very exhausted which caused them to slip on some bigger spots in the match. Still very very good.

There was some “Oh shi-” moments in this matches, especially the powerbomb to the apron and a ugly looking powerbomb from the top rope. It was very devisatating. Dunne picks up the victory after nearly ripping the fingers off Coffey but he tapped before it happened. Dunne retains his title and that is the show…

Actually, the lights went out and appeared the Ringkampf himself, WALTER!!!!

Video: YouTube / Defiant Wrestling

He squares up for Dunne and without any words, Dunne’s next opponent is set, it’s going to be WALTER.

And that is the show, what a fucking brilliant show!

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