Rope Breaks at WWE Live Show

Rope Breaks at WWE Live Show

…but not in the context of the the wrestler getting a rope break.

Last night at WWE Live in Anaheim, California there was a match between Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntrye and IC Champion Dolph Ziggler.

The spot that caused the rope to break was when Seth Rollins whipped Drew McIntrye into the ropes. Drew was sent over the rope and crashed to the floor.

The match continues and Seth Rollins even bounces from the 2nd rope to do a Suicide Dive to the outside of the ring .

Then after the match, the victor Rollins decides to have a bit of fun with the rope in classic Seth Rollins fashion.

The top rope snapped in the main event at WWE Anaheim tonight. Seth Rollins made the most of it! from SquaredCircle

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(Header Image courtesy of @JamesTweetsWWE)