Numerous WWE Superstars injured! [UPDATE]

Numerous WWE Superstars injured! [UPDATE]

It has not been a good week for top talent in the WWE to be out injured, especially with WWE Evolution WWE Crown Jewel happening in the next few days!

UPDATE: has now confirmed that Alexa Bliss is not going to be participating in the tag match on Sunday, but Alicia Fox will be taking her place!

In what seems to be a bad month for injuries with some of the top talents, it is now reported that Samoa Joe is now out with an injury. 

The details surrounding his injury has not been revealed but it may have something to do with the cryptic tweet that was sent out on the 17th October:

Other superstars out injured:

Alexa Bliss was injured before the Mixed Match Challenge too, but we believe now that Alexa may have suffered either a concussion or a broken nose. She didn’t appear at any live events this past weekend and was not on Monday Night RAW this week.

Bliss is set to team with Mickie James to take on Lita Trish Stratus this Sunday at WWE Evolution.

It is now believed that Bobby Lashley has been working through an injury for the last couple of weeks. According to (again) WrestlingInc, he has got a separated shoulder but is still remaining on TV. No one know yet if he is going to be on RAW on Monday night.

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