New Home. New Focus

New Home. New Focus

Hi everyone and welcome to This is the new home for my wrestling blog.

What do I talk about here then?

WWE mainly, but I also delve into other promotions like IMPACT, NJPW, OTT and more.
I am not a big viewer of non-WWE promotions but I still take a interest in them.

I give my opinions on WWE News, topics and more. But my main blog series on here is predictions.

Everytime there is a WWE PPV, I will always give my opinion on each match (including the pre-show match(es)).

As there is a PPV this Sunday, my predictions for WWE Survivor Series will be up on Friday afternoons. Also, as there is a “Big 4” PPV this weekend, there is also an “NXT Takeover” PPV (If you have no idea what I am talking about, I’ll explain it at the bottom of this post), so there will be a 2nd post for that too!

Finally, due to my work sheduele, I can actually live tweet WWE Survivor Series this Sunday on where I will be giving full updates as to what is going on. Don’t follow if you want to avoid spoilers.

And that is really it. I hope you enjoy the new home. I will be doing some theme and logo updates in the next few days (hopefully), but this will change overtime. !

The ‘Big 4’ PPV

‘Big 4’ is a term noting the 4 biggest Pay Per Views that WWE holds every year. This starts in the Summer with Summer Slam which happens near the end of August, Survivor Series which happens in November, Royal Rumble which happens in January and the biggest PPV of the year Wrestlemania which happens at the start of April.
WWE tends to hold 12 – 18 PPV’s per year. Half of which are for the WWE RAW brand and the other for the WWE SmackDown Live brand with them being on the same PPV 4 times a year!

Wrestlemania and Summer Slam do not tend to have any special match but they tend to have the ‘big’ matches for the WWE Universal Championship, the WWE Championship as well as the RAW Women’s Championship & SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Survivor Series has a traditional 10-man match (5 each side). In the old days (80’s/90’s), these were factions going head-to-head fighting it out to see who was the bigger faction! Nowadays, it is just a brand v brand, RAW vs SmackDown.

This year, they have a 5v5 mens, 5v5 womens survivor series match and champions from both brands will face their respective champion 1v1.
Eg. Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Champion) vs AJ Styles (WWE Champion)
Alexa Bliss (RAW Womens Champion) vs Natalya (SmackDown Womens Champion)
The Miz (WWE Intercontinential Champion) vs Baron Corbin (WWE United States Champion)
Cesaro & Sheamus (RAW Tag Team Champions) vs The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

Royal Rumble also has a special match where 30 random people (who drew a number from a hat (not shown of course)) come out after approx 2 – 3 minutes apart (except 1 and 2 as they would start the match) and the o

Royal Rumble also has a special match where 2 superstars who drew #1 and #2 start competing inside the ring. (The numbers that people drew is never known unless it is part of a storyline). The aim is get your opponent over the top rope with both feet landing on the floor. Every 2 – 3 minutes, a new superstar will enter the ring and their job is to get everyone else out. Whomever is the last man standing will win the Rumble and will become the opponent for the championship on their brand at Wrestlemania. ie. If a RAW superstars wins, then they would challenge whomever the Universal Champion is going into Wrestlemania. If a SmackDown superstars wins, then they would challenge the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania.

A lot of stuff there, but hopefully that makes sense.