Major Main Event at SmackDown Last Night [SPOILERS]

Major Main Event at SmackDown Last Night [SPOILERS]

Last night, there was a major main event on SmackDown LIVE.

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=== SPOILER ===

On last night’s show, Paul Heyman came out to ‘wish AJ Styles good luck’ on Sunday against Brock Lesnar and said Daniel Bryan’s name about how he fought him and won.

Daniel Bryan came out to slam AJ Styles for talking about Bryan in this light and started attacking him. A unprovoked attacked which didn’t make sense in terms of the storyline at the time.

After the brawl that occured inside the ring, Shane McMahon declared that it would be AJ Styles vs Daniel Byran in the main event for the WWE Championship.

During the match, Byran dropkicked Styles in the referee and went for a low blow, then hitting Styles with the running knee.

Daniel pinned AJ’s shoulders to the mat for the 3-count!

Daniel Bryan is the NEW WWE Champion! and will face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series this Sunday!

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