'Abyss' leaves IMPACT Wrestling, heading to WWE!

'Abyss' leaves IMPACT Wrestling, heading to WWE!

It has been reported by multiple news sources that the 45-year-old has left IMPACT Wrestling and is apparently going to WWE.

Christopher Joseph Parks aka. Abyss has been with IMPACT since it’s inception and was recently inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame.

His career has lasted a whopping 23 years in the business, first competing for Northern Wrestling Federation back in 1996 under the moniker of “The Original Terminator”

His long career has seen him win lots of titles from various promotions winning multiple heavyweight titles for NWA, BCW and AAA. He is currently the OVW Heavyweight Champion.

He won a tournament back in October to claim the OVW Title and recently defended against The Hurricane (Yes, THAT Hurricane)

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